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Eating Healthy in a Hurry

This episode of Kids Healthworks takes a look at braces, they come in different materials and even in colors these days, but at what age should you consider them for your child? Next: we all know that happy growing children are a pleasure to behold, but sometimes that growth stops, and what do you then? Also, expert advice on drinking fluids, what's good for the baby, what's not, and what it is that's making so many children overweight. Finally, how do you get healthy meals into your children when your life seems to be permanently on overdrive? Find out on Kids Healthworks.

When is a child too sick to go to daycare?
  If they have vomited in the last 24 hour period.
  If they have a temperature of 101degrees or higher and have flu-like symptoms.
  If they are crying and clinging.

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