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Pretty Please Mommy! Raising a polite child.

Is your child ashamed because he or she wets the bed at night? It's nothing to be ashamed of and while there's no cure there are ways you can help your him or her deal with this nighttime nuisance. Plus, you may not notice a child with good manners, but we can guarantee you'd remember a rude child. So how do you raise a polite child. We'll have the secrets for you: Big hint: Good manners need to start in the home.
And if you spend much of your time at home putting together nutritious meals for your family, you want to make sure you count to three, three a day of dairy that is to make sure your family is getting enough calcium to build strong bones. We'll have some simple hints to keep the calcium content of your meals where they need to be. And if you've had a baby, you've had a baby with hiccups, they're not a serious health concern, but they sure can be annoying.

At what age will a baby start to hear vowels and consonants?
  3 months
  4 months
  7 months

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