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The Basics of Breastfeeding

Twins…double the pleasure or double the worry? This episode of Kids Healthworks explores multiple births. With multiples, concerns for the babies' health also multiply. Next, breastfeeding…it's not always as easy as it looks. A lactation support group will show you how to "go with the flow." Also, while most bumps and bruises won't require a trip to the emergency room, other injuries will. Find out how parents can handle "boo-boos" gracefully. And finally: Kids Healthworks takes a look a common feeding problems in infants. Find out if gassiness, fussiness and spitting up are unusual, unavoidable, or just plain unpleasant.

What is the Moro reflex?
  A reflux response affiliated with digestion
  The response displayed when an infant is startled and moves abruptly, throwing out his arms, legs
  The grapsing repsonse a baby gives when the palm of his hand is stroked

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