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Fantasy vs. Reality

When it comes to helping your child choose an afterschool activity, what factors should you consider? Are arts better than sports? And how many activities are too many? Then, ten percent of children suffer with chronic illness – from manageable conditions like asthma or diabetes to more debilitating diseases like muscular dystrophy. How much should these children be told about their conditions? Is honesty necessarily the best policy? And what are the greatest sources of stress for their families? Then, when it comes to scary stories, what thrills one child may traumatize another. Find out at what age your child will be able to distinguish fantasy from reality, and why it matters. Finally, learn how to prepare your pet for your baby’s arrival. Should the dog take a walk when your newborn comes home?

New baby clothes can cause infant rashes. How can parents avoid this dilemma?
  Double rinse baby clothes, bedding, blankets and the baby’s layette.
  It does not matter, wash the baby clothes with the rest of the family’s laundry.
  Let new clothes air dry for a few days prior to putting them on your baby.

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