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School Blues

You know children love to play, but did you know that physical activity can help them do well in school? See why recess may be as important as reading, writing and arithmetic. And, speaking of school, it’s important to do well, but too much pressure can be a problem. How can you tell if you’re pushing your child just a little too hard? Then, your child has a pulsing, pounding, throbbing headache, but is it a migraine? They’re more common in children than you might think. Learn a few of the most common migraine triggers, and see what can be done to help the youngest migraine sufferers. Then, vacations are great, but traveling with an infant can be tricky. Find out what you’ll need to pack in order to keep your infant happy and safe while on the road.

What are some symptoms of an ear infection?
  Your child may swipe at their ear, showing irritability
  Your child may sleep all day
  Your child may not be able to hear you when you speak

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