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Baby Talk

Isn’t it funny how articulate adults turn into downright babblers when they see a new baby? But is all that goo-gooing good for the baby’s speech patterns? We’ll see how to stimulate speech and help the baby’s language development. Also, children love swimming pools but parents and caregivers must be aware of the dangers inherent in pools and other bodies of water. We’ll show you what you need to know to keep your kids safe. And, while all children like getting new toys, not all toys are right for all kids at all ages. See which age-appropriate toys might be the perfect gifts for your children. Plus, while there are some kids who go to bed hungry in America, most children get enough to eat. But are they overfed, and undernourished? It’s an unfortunate trend that’s having a tremendous impact on children’s health now and will continue to cause damage in the years to come. We’ll show you how to reverse this trend by helping your family eat the right foods and maintain a healthy weight.

At what age will a baby start to hear vowels and consonants?
  3 months
  4 months
  7 months

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