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Up In Arms

Whether you spend hours planning gourmet meals, or mere seconds ordering take-out, you may think you know nutritious foods when you see them. But empty calories and hidden fat may lurk where you least expect them. Find out what foods are really good for your family by learning the principles of positive eating. Also, if you have a newborn, you know that even a mild case of diaper rash can be a real pain in the tush! Why is a rash on the bottom such a common problem, and is there any way to prevent it? Then - terrorism - it's a topic that most of us never imagined having to discuss with our kids. How do you bring it up? And what can you do to make the world feel safer for you and your family? Then finally, including your kids in trips outside the house can help build social skills and boost self-esteem, but is it always appropriate to take the tots? We'll give you some tips on finding kid-friendly destinations.

At what age is it ok for your child to watch television or videos?
  The AAP recommends that children be at least 2 years old before they watch tv or videos.
  The sooner the better; it's a great babysitter.
  As soon as their eyes focus.
  As long as parents are screening the content, any age is ok.

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