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The Difference: Raising Sons vs. Daughters

This episode of Kids Healthworks explores the differences between the genders and why raising a boy is different from raising a girl. And because millions of young people will be diagnosed with depression during their childhood and adolescence, we'll take a look at depression in children and the warning signals parents and caregivers should be on the alert for that something may be seriously wrong. Also: How common is newborn jaundice, and what are the sign and symptoms? Can children really get all the nutrients they need from the food they eat, or should you fortify their diets with vitamin supplements?

At what age should you begin weaning your little one from thumb sucking & pacifers?
  Thumb sucking & pacifers should be a thing of the past by age 3.
  As soon as your mother-in-law starts giving you
  Relax, as children grow and develop their need to suck usually goes away on its own.
  Both thumb sucking & the use of pacifers are not normal at any age and should be discouraged.

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