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Ending the Cycle of Abuse

Being a single mom or dad isn’t easy, but living in a “blended family” can be also pretty tough. Children from two different families must now learn to live together, follow the same rules and attempt to find common ground. No simple task. It can happen, though. We’ll introduce you to one family that has made the transition peacefully and successfully. Plus, minority families have plenty to deal with in today’s society, including lactose intolerance. A large percentage of minority children are not able to properly digest dairy products, and may be missing out on the health benefits as a result. But, you can serve your children dairy products even if they are lactose intolerant, if you follow a few simple tools for tolerance. Also, while most male babies are circumcised in American society today, do you know whether it’s the right choice for your baby boy. We’ll have the facts on circumcision from the experts.

What is the Moro reflex?
  A reflux response affiliated with digestion
  The response displayed when an infant is startled and moves abruptly, throwing out his arms, legs
  The grapsing repsonse a baby gives when the palm of his hand is stroked

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