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The Name Game

What's in a name? Quite a lot, if you're a child. A well-chosen baby name can be a source of pride for a child, but a poorly chosen name - well, that can be a source of aggravation and embarrassment. So how do you choose the perfect name for your baby? We'll offer some guidelines. Then: guns. Just the word can send a shiver down a parent's spine. And with reason. In the year 2000, more than 3,000 children were killed by firearms. Ideally, all children would live in gun-free homes, but for parents who work in professions that require they carry a firearm, what's the next best alternative? Also, more adults are waiting longer to have their first child. Discover the challenges & rewards of being - and having - an older parent. And finally, while it's much more common for families to move these days, a move to a new school is still pretty tough on the children. We'll help you make that adjustment just a little bit easier.

At what age will a baby start to hear vowels and consonants?
  3 months
  4 months
  7 months

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