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Choking: A Cautionary Tale

Parents may worry that by giving baby a pacifier they're encouraging an unhealthy habit in their child. Do pacifiers really harm developing teeth? And if used, how can they be kept clean and at what age should they be taken away for good? Also, choking hazards abound in a young child's environment. What common foods are dangerous for babies and toddlers, and how should a caregiver respond to a choking incident if one happens? Protecting children's skin from sun damage and surviving a trip to the grocery store with your child in tow round out this episode of Kids Healthworks.

When parents place a child in the crib for bedtime, they should place the child on it’s back.
  Yes, it is recommended that a parent lay an infant on his back when sleeping in a crib.
  No, infants should be placed on their side to sleep.
  It does not matter what side you place your infant, as long as the baby appears comfortable.

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